5 Man Flag Football Plays For Android

The 5 man flag football playbook app has been officially been launched. You can visit the Android Market Product here.

The app features 27 flag football plays which are divided into three formations sets: Twins, Trips, and Backfield. The backfield plays utilize fake hand offs or half back passes. The plays are designed to provide options for long, medium, and short passes depending on the situation. They also provide a foundation to build upon.

Whether your team is winning in elite or just starting out, the playbook will benefit all levels of play. Please note that the app does not contain any running plays. Coaches of small children leagues may not find this helpful as most plays are running. However, due to the interest in a children’s flag football app, this may be added to the project list.

Also available for Android is 4 man and 7 man playbook apps as well. For some free plays, check out the YouTube channel.

Finally, the full 7 man playbook is available for purchase for $10 (after coupon code).

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