Looking for 4 Man Flag Football Plays? Android App is Now Available

The 4 man flag football playbook for Android was released yesterday. You can check it out on the Android Market.

The app is in the same format as the 7 man app. Below are the details on the 4 man app:

There are 36 flag football plays included with 5 menu sections on the main page. The options are (# of plays):

  • Spread (6) – One receiver on each side of the center, split out wide.
  • Twins (6) – Both receivers on one side of the center. One is wide, the other in the slot.
  • Tight (9) – One receiver lined up next to the center. The other lined up wide on the opposite side.
  • Bunch (9) – Both the receivers and center line up bunch together.
  • Handoff (6) – Not really a formation, but an option for the person receiving the handoff to run or pass.
If you do download, please rate the app and/or leave some feedback.

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