Youth Flag Football Passing Tree

Youth Flag Football Passing Tree

The video below shows the passing tree that I use with my 9-11 year old team. This passing tree is a little different the conventional one you’ll generally find if you search on line. The reason that I decided to go with this one is that it contains the routes we most frequently run. The… Continue Reading

Leading the Receiver – Youth Flag Football Passing Drill

This past year I coached 7-9 years old for three seasons. During the first practice, I quickly realized I had 3 quarterbacks that were fairly accurate and could throw pretty deep. In the standard passing warm up drills, they could make all the throws. However, in the first few games, one throw that they were… Continue Reading

Split Back Formation – Youth Flag Football Plays

The video below shows just a few of the running play options you can utilize with a split back formation. Because running plays start to lose their effectiveness as kids get older, I’ve found that this formation is good up to 9 years old.   With this formation, the running backs should line up about… Continue Reading