The Only Playbook You’ll Ever Need To Dominate Your Opponents

Here’s what you get:

29 Flag Football Plays Broken Down Into Different Game Situations

  • Standard Plays (9) – These are the basic building blocks of your playbook.
  • Big Hitters for 1st/2nd and Short (4) – 1st/2nd and short is the ideal time to try a big play. The defense may be thinking you’re only trying to get the first down.
  • Big Hitters for 3rd and Long (4) – The defense knows you need to go deep. It doesn’t matter with these plays.
  • Goal Line (3) – With only a few yards to go before pay dirt, there’s less room to work with. These plays will put points on the scoreboard.
  • Trick (6) – Sometimes a trick play comes in handy, plus they’re fun to run.
  • Running (3) – If your league allows it, exploit the defense.

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Most plays include some variations on the routes so the plays can be customized to fit your team and the defensive abilities of your opponents.

The plays are color coded for consistency. The receivers will know that Red is the far left receiver making it easier to call audibles if necessary.

The playbook also includes a passing tree diagram with strategies on how to add to your offenses. With the passing tree, your team can use audibles and utilize a hurry up offense.

We’ve all been there. Playing against a team that is less athletic than your but is somehow beating you (for the third time in three seasons). What’s the difference? Usually, the less athletic team is more organized and on the same page with each other. In most cases, they’re using a playbook and running a set 10-15 plays that they utilize each week. As the seasons progress, the quarterback and receivers stopping thinking about the routes and just run them. Everything becomes second nature.

Stop losing to this team!

Add some plays to your arsenal and start WINNING MORE GAMES.