WR Pitch – Trick Flag Football Play – 7 on 7

Play Theory: This play is designed for yard after catch. Red runs a square in (4 route). The pitch will be made to the Blue receiver coming from the opposite side. Due to the length of Blue’s route, timing this play can be easier. The goal of Green’s route is to occupy both safeties. Play… Continue Reading

Motion Slant Out – 7 on 7 Flag Football Play

Play Theory: Adding motion to your formations can aid in figuring out how the defense is playing. Think about college and NFL games. Many teams have plays where the receiver will go into motion and half way across the field return to his original position. In most instances, this is to provide the quarterback information… Continue Reading

Strong Left 9838 – 5 on 5

Play Theory: This 5-on-5 flag football play is an all or nothing type play. Using this play in 3rd or 4th and long situations is the ideal time to run it. The goal is to confuse the safety in the middle. The Green receiver runs a short out to occupy the cornerback. The Blue receiver… Continue Reading