Youth Flag Football Drill – One on One Flag Pulling

The video below details a youth flag football drill drill I run with my kids every practice. The drill usually only takes about 5 minutes. Depending on the number of players in each line, the kids will each get around 8-15 chances on defense. While scrimmaging will teach your kids where to be in certain… Continue Reading

Flag Football Plays for 7 Man, 5 Man, and 4 Man

7 Man The key to this play is recognizing how the Cornerback plays Red and Blue. If he drops into coverage and sticks with Blue, then Green will be wide open underneath. However, if the defense is playing a more traditional zone and the Cornerback stays home (covers Green). Then once the Safety turns to… Continue Reading

New Flag Football Plays Video Coming

Since the visitors to the site have varying levels of play, I’m thinking of revamping the videos/animations for the flag football plays on this site. Instead of just showing the animation of the receivers, my plan is to add a defense (usually cover 2) and the reads/throws for the quarterback. Below is the first attempt… Continue Reading