Trips Left 873 – 7 on 7

Play Name: Trips Left 873

Play Theory: This flag football play is effective versus Cover 2, Cover 3, and Man defense. Against a Cover 2, look to move the safety closer to the middle of the field (Red). This will free up Blue on the 7 route. When facing a Cover 3, Green should be open every time. This is because the cornerback should drop to the deep sideline (Blue). The safety will cover Red. Versus man coverage, you should have you fastest receiver line up as Green. As Red and Blue clear out their men, Green should be open. If Green gets a good jump on his defender, he should have room to catch and run up field for some additional yards after catch.

Tip: Against a Cover 3, if you run this play a few times hitting Green for some decent yards, you might be able to mix in a pump fake for a bigger play. The cornerback may start anticipating the short pass to Green. Pump fake Green, and hit Blue on the slant out. If the cornerback does not bite on the play, Green should still be open.

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