879 – 4 on 4

879 - 4 on 4 Free Flag Football Play

Play Name: 879

Play Theory: In 4 on 4, you’ll most likely be facing man-to-man defense. If that’s the case, victory comes down to your athletes against their athletes. However, if your opponent is playing a zone, this play can shred it. The two most common zone defenses will be:

  • 1 safety, 2 corners, 1 rusher; or
  • 2 safeties, 2 corners, no rusher

This play is designed to overload the deep coverage. Red is running an 8 route (post) and Blue is running a 9 (streak). The center should delay his route after snapping the ball. The goal is that two people will cover Red and the center (Black) will sneak through underneath.

Tip: From the description, you might think that Blue is just a decoy. What makes this play work well is that Blue has free reign to adjust this route based on the defense. A couple alternatives would be a post (8), post-corner (87), or an out-n-go (39).

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