In the passing game, one position that is often overlooked is the center. Most teams starting out bring a tackle football mindset to flag football. The center’s purpose is to hike the ball and block. The problem with this is brought to light against team with even an average rush. By the time the center snaps the ball, he is out of position and can only be an effective blocking when the quarterback scrambles.

In 7-on-7, most teams will rush only 2 players most of the game. Leaving the center in to block means in the backfield, your offense is using 4 guys (3 lineman and quarterback) to combat the 2 rushers. This leaves your three receivers going against five defenders. Sending the center on a passing route shifts the balance to 4 against 5 which is more preferable. Most teams utilize some form of zone defense. Just sending the center on a 5 yard hook or out will occupy a linebacker. However, having the center run longer routes is where the big plays can happen. Many times the cornerbacks and safeties are focusing on the receivers. Run a play that will draw the safety to one side of the field and have the center fill in the now open area.