The most critical position in flag football is the quarterback. Teams in lower level leagues can succeed without a decent quarterback. However, in order to win at the elite levels, a team must have a person who can accurately throw the football. The ability to throw a deep pass is not a necessity. The key to winning in flag football is utilizing a ball control offense. If a team can average 6-8 yards per play, it will be successful.

In leading a team, the quarterback should be the one in control of the huddle. Too many times, I’ve seen teams where everyone in the huddle is trying to call a play. The first few seconds of a huddle can be for general comments by everyone: “The middle is wide open.” “I think we can attack the left side.” “Their rusher on the right side is killing us. Let’s try rolling left or running the ball.” Other than that, the quarterback needs to take control and call a play.

Another aspect of a quarterback that can greatly increase a team’s chances of winning is having a mobile quarterback. Unless your opponent does not have any athletes rushing, in flag football, it’s difficult to give a quarterback more than a few seconds to throw the ball. Having an agile quarterback can give the passing game a few more needed seconds to contact on longer developing plays. An agile quarterback does not necessary mean a fast running quarterback. The quarterback just needs to be able to side step a rush and be able to throw on the move.

One final characteristic that can lead to success is occasionally running the ball with the quarterback. This can be achieved either through a designed run or play where all the receivers are covered. Having a quarterback that will not force a throw and instead run for a small gain will keep turnovers down. Remember, success in flag football is usually achieved by picking up small chunks of yards working down the field.