Playing defense against a competent offense can be tough. However, it gets ever tougher on the goal line. Even with the much shorter field, the offense has many options. What makes playing defense more challenging on the goal line is that usually the plays develop much quicker.

Our recommendation is to play man or cover 4. We call the cover 4 – columns or quarters. The idea is simple. The two cornerbacks and two safeties split the field into equal quarter sections and stick within their zone. One reason not to play this defense though is that  everyone has to be on the same page. The offense can exploit one weak link by flooding the zone with multiple players.

Playing man defense takes the guess work out of where someone should be. However, this leaves the defense susceptible to quarterback runs. With 7-on-7 flag football, you will most likely be facing a 3 wide receiver set. One of the best defense strategies is  to have three defensive backs man up on the receivers. The linebacker will cover the center should the offense utilize him in play. The extra defensive back (DB) will line up closer to the line of scrimmage and spy the quarterback to prevent a scramble. If your DB has some speed, he can do a delayed blitz. This is where the defensive player will wait a 1 or 2 seconds then blitz. The hope is that your rush will force the quarterback to commit to one side allowing the DB to shoot through and pressure the quarterback into a bad throw or sack.